High Point on Display: Creativity & Sublime Workmanship

Bloomingdales blog High Point on Display: Creativity & Sublime Workmanship

From off-the-wall, hand-made lampshades, to rattan pendants and new glass blowing techniques, High Point Market is a pure visual feast. While product craftsmanship (commercially) may have moved from hand-made, one-off pieces to being produced on a larger scale – the art of the individual touch is very much alive. And “Made-in-the-USA” is a badge proudly worn.

Companies like Hammerton and Hubbardton Forge for example, are crafting bespoke pieces for discerning buyers, using manufacture methods that are bucking traditional trends. Glass blowing, for example, is taking on a new look, as designs move away from the perfection of fine, smooth and bubble-free, to inwardly collapsed glass pieces, juxtaposed to create a brutalised overall effect. Hammerton’s byline is “American Artisan Crafted Lighting”. And that it is.

Metal work continues to be stippled and beaten – to give a textured and artisanal look and feel. While plaster white lamp ceramic bases, and wall sconces also reflect this.

We look forward to bringing our customers new products from new suppliers in the next few months.