Lighting the way with chandeliers

Bloomingdales blog Lighting the way with chandeliers

Chandeliers and pendants can instantly switch on style, elevating a space from ordinary to exciting, imposing or just plain breathtaking!

A gorgeous chandelier can make a room look, and feel, twice as good to be in! Whether it’s a dining room, a kitchen or a bedroom, pendants contribute to a personal and dramatic experience. Added to a classical or a contemporary space, a contrasting chandelier adds an entirely different dimension and style.

Whether a traditional cascade, tiered, drop style, or sleek and stripped-back modern, chandeliers are highly functional but still romantic and glamorous.

Among the most striking elements of interior design and accent lighting, chandeliers and pendants enhance architectural features, entrance spaces and artworks.

Often the showpiece of the space itself, the decorative and visual impact of pendants and chandeliers make them an essential ingredient in sophisticated lighting plans.

This month our focus on pendants and chandeliers includes both the linear and tiered Kelly Wearstler Halcyon Chandeliers in antique burnished brass with quartz crystal - a modern rendition of classic elegance. There is the dynamic Visual Comfort Cubist Pendant in aged iron or gild, with its series of overlapping cubed frames. And many others, including Thomas O’ Brien’s Watson Medium pendant and the gorgeous Alpine pendant in either clear or frosted glass. The chic Kensington Pendant is a modern classic in fine cream linen with matching flush diffuser.