Winter Styling Tips with Katrina Dowd from Domestic Textile Corporation (TDC)

Bloomingdales blog Winter Styling Tips with Katrina Dowd from Domestic Textile Corporation (TDC)

Bloomingdales is happy to present the ideas and reflections of our Fabric Design Partners, who share with us their take on the distinctive looks making waves this winter. Plus their own exclusive winter styling tips. 

Katrina J Dowd from Domestic Textile Corporation (TDC), talks about the great rugs that are the keystones for interior style and her favourite textured wall coverings. How to dress a room beautifully in layers and groups of accessories, and how Deco’s profile is rising in furniture and lighting.

1. I dislike the word “Trend”, so after 28 years in the Soft Furnishings industry these are more styling tips and a meld of the type of design approach I err towards, classic meets contemporary. I recently read that “Utilitarian spaces created without the joys of one’s expression or ornamentation, make for a cold approach to the idea of a home”. This was taken from the late, great Waspish designer William Yeoward, whom I had met on several occasions and who sadly passed away recently.

2. Trends are certainly inspiring and can act as a guide when you are about to embark on a decorating project or update a space, but the most important starting point is always the rug. I am constantly inspired by the collections at Behruz Studio, with their Kilims, antique carpets and unparalleled knowledge they can produce a custom rug from an archival document or textile swatch, in any colour or texture.

3. Layer your design, utilising textiles, cushions the rug and in particular my favourite, wallpaper. Papered walls absorb sound and gives a luxurious feel rather than paint. My absolute faves at present are grasscloth or textured wallcoverings. These add such depth to a room and are a fabulous way to display artwork on the walls.

4. Accessorise your space, as decorating is likened to getting dressed! Group like objects you have collected over time, or begin a collection. I adore antique wooden boxes and glass paperweights, which I display on black lacquered trays, so as to keep the look edited and not too cluttered.

5. When accessorising, mirrors are an essential decorating tool. They give a room an impression of space. Group them for maximum effect or mirror an entire wall to double the light. The Quatrefoil from Bloomingdales is a definitive fave as it can be utilised in either a contemporary or Moorish room setting. A rather versatile piece.

6. My new favourite colour is ‘Night Watch’. It’s a deep jade-like green that has strong references to nature. Greens of all variances have long been in vogue and show no signs of waning due to the calming nature of this colour.

7. Art Deco is the new Mid Century Modernism and its detailing is appearing on tables, chairs and in particular in lighting. The mixed metals trend is certainly a nod to this style and my favourite Bloomingdales lamp base is The Wayy, which encompasses this look entirely.

8. Finally you cannot go past natural textiles for your upholstery and curtaining requirements. I have a penchant for natural fibres, linen, silk, wool, cotton, cashmere and flax are all favourites. The movement towards these non-manmade fibres speaks to the broader conversations across the design realm now…. As it is all about embracing a peaceful retreat from the very busy lives we lead.